Earn 10$ per day

Here i am going to show you, how to earn 10$ daily from some trusted ptc sites with just 3 steps. Here all sites are paying for long time. So you never loss your money. Just need some patient to earn this amount of money every day. Just follow my rules and see how your earning grow rapidly.

Step 1: Register 3 ptc sites below:

1. Gab.ag (100% trusted)

2. Hdclix. (100% trsuted)

3. Nbclix. (100% trusted)

Step 2: Browse all ads daily:

After registration your account, you have to browse/view ads daily. Just login into your account and start view ads from upper options of website. This may a little earning, but it will be increase day by day when many referrals will join under you with your referral link.

Step 3: Refer friends:

You can refer your friends or family members. But keep in mind one account for one pc or computer. That means- one pc or computer can be use for just one account per website. If you open more than one account on one website, your all accounts will be banned.

After joining your referral, tell them to browse all ads daily. Than your earning will be perfectly.

To refer others in your downline, just share your referral link to them. When any one join to any ptc site through your referral link, they will be your referral. So when they will earn, you also will earn.

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